try{Typekit.load();}catch(e){}Hello and welcome on GSCI. The group specially made  for GUENSHIN LOVERS Who we are? we are the people who are admins of the pages on Fb,Bloggers,Writers, Editors,and Fanclubs members  of    Jang Kuen Suk & Park Shin Hye, 

We are gathered to Unite all our love and support for the couple GUENSHIN/SUKHYE/KS2H/ (SUKKIE&HACCI)

How to join on GSCI?

If you think your one of us then please do join by answering all of the following and send it to

1.Name on Fb

2.Page name/blog id

3.(Editor/Writer) Name of the Fanclub and your id on that FC

4.Why you want to join us?

5.Tell us a little  about yourself

Ok we answer the question “Why Im not welcome ? bcoz Im not an admin?its unfair,Im a diehard fan of JKS&PSH!

answer: In every group and organization there is a rules,and this is our rule!

~You can be our follower if you like too!

But ok ok ok,,we understand that we all love our beloved couple so we put some excemptions!!!

1.Not an admin nor blogger but a good follower of the FC’s

2.Recommended by one of the members already to join

So if you really interested send us a mail,and we welcome you.

Best regards: Guenshin Club International


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