The “Bread and Butter” Couple Keun Suk & Shin Hye

Hello KeunShin folks its been awhile since the last time I posted in here hope our KeunShin fans are still alive and lovely….

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Park Shin-Hye was recently interviewed by @Star1.

She was asked, “There”s a saying that whoever works with Park Shin-hye becomes a Hallyu star. Why do you think that”s so?” Park Shin-hye answered, “It”s an honor to hear something like that. It means, I made that person stand out”.

“Those people had plenty of potential to become Hallyu stars even without me. It”s great to think that they said I had something to do with it. But actually, I benefited by working with them”.

When she was asked to pick an actor who coordinated best with she picked Jang Geun-seok and Lee Min-ho. She said she was like “Bread and Butter “with Jang Geun Suk in “You”re So Beautiful”. She said, They connected  well through work and personality. About Lee Min-ho she said, “He”s very well natured and we got along well”.

Meanwhile, talk about Park Shin-hye”s acting life and diet can be seen in the November issue of @Star1 on the 20th of October 2014

Full Credits : via Oh Kpop


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