[Project] GSCI Birthday Project for Park Shin Hye 2013

Our princess Park Shin Hye’s birthday is near to come.We would like to express our love and support to her.Everybody is invited to join and participate this project.

Here are some examples that will help you to create a good entry.

Example no.1. A creative photo along with your message.Well if your a good photoshopper much better ^_^

2-en-601011d5b934ebb8b3a521d6383719d9 (1)

Example no.2. Just a photo of her with your message on it.^_^


Example no.3. If you like to use a photo of Sukkie and hacci together,no problem with that.But dont forget your message is more important.^_^


Example no.4. If you wish to greet her with just your message,,well its also accepted.If your not shy you can attach your own personal photo also ^_^



1.Your own photo along with your birthday message to our princess.
2.A video message from you and your friends to greet our princess on her birthday.
3.An Audio message/voice record message greeting our princess on her birthday.

1.The purpose of your message is only to greet our princess on her birthday.Please dont include such things like questioning/asking.The message must be clear in meaning(you need to specify your words and what kind of message you want to tell her).
2.It is important to put your location or from where you come from or from what country you come from.
3.No harsh comment or message.Well I guess none of us will do this right?umm just incase.

All of your entries will be use and compile to make a birthday video for our princess Park shin Hye.We will send this video on our princess Hacci at the day of her birthday.

The deadline of entries will be on February 10,2013
All entries will be send on sukkieloveshinhye@gmail.com/KS2H Jang keun Suk and Park Shin Hye The StEel Couple Fb page/GSCI Family GeunShin Club International Fb page.

Lets show our love and support to our only princess Park Shin Hye.Lets all unite to celebrate “The Angel Birth” fellows.Were waiting for your great respond.Thank you!!!!


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