GeunShin Couple are Married Couple?or Marry To be?

There’s alot of things which make us really hooked by these two couple. We found lots of similarities and evidences of them by accessories,clothing,gestures,body languages and many more. Just name it and GeunShin Couple Have it.

For so many years that I shipping these two couple,one crosses my mind that these two are already a married couple or marry to be?

POV no1: “Selection of Daughter Inlaw”


On Jang keun Suk “Ideal Type World Cup” Sukkie clearly stated that his mom (Mrs.Jang) wants Park Shin Hye as her daughter in law and was looking on marriage prospects.On codes combine interview with Jang keun Suk and park Shin Hye also Hacci said that Sukkie mom was indeed like her.

POV no.2 :♥ “Acceptance of the Engagement and  Marriage” ♥

A couple must have proof that they are already engaged or being married.And mostly couple uses ring for engagement purposes and wedding ceremonies. GeunShin Couple have lots of Couple rings and some of these i consider as engagement ring and wedding ring.


This is "Zikzin Ring" good for engagement ring.

This is "Bvlgari Ring" among those rings,this ring is perfect for wedding ring.

This is “Bvlgari Ring” among those rings,this ring is perfect for wedding ring.

GeunShin Couple have lots of Couple rings for the past years but these are the closest rings to the heart of our Couple.

POV no.3 ” Husband and Wife”

2011 Jang keun Suk Cri Show Tokyo Dome Concert. We saw a backstage video of our Couple before the show. Sukkie visited Hacci at the backstage to thank her for coming to his concert and praised her beautiful outlook. But StEels did you forgot Hacci called Sukkie as “YEOBO” ??? Yeobo or Honey– (a korean term used to call their husband and wife,take note only married couple use these  words) ♥   

Screen Cap.of the Cri show of JKS backstage 2011. Sad to say that this video has been removed to different sites.If you keep the duplicate of it.well just keep it. ^_^

 POV no.4: ” The In laws”

A married couple should have sister in law,brother in law,father in law and mother in laws. And “YES” last May 2012,Sukkie reply to the tweet of our princess. with “Hello Mother In Law”


Our princess tweeted a photo together with her Mom,and our prince can’t help not to greet his “mother in law” heheeheheehe. That day was a huge celebration to all GeunShin Shipper’s even me myself can’t help but to shout!!! Wwwwhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Kkkkyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! OH My God!!!!!Those are just words who comes out from millions of GeunShin Shipper’s across the globe.

POV no.5 ” A Married Man Giving a Clue”

Jang Keun Suk recently guesting on a tv programs and interviews. Usually he was asked of what he thinks about marriage,what is his wife’s character to be,and what kind of father he will be……….and so on. I think I dont need to post those interviews right? Coz I believe that all of us are quite followers of our Asia Prince of what he do in everyday as his devoted Eels.♥

The point here is Sukkie was trying to see what is the impact to his fans if he would change his status. Specially right now,he was at the peak of success. You can also read StEels our post “Jang keun Suk behind his lines” here on our blog.

POV. no.6: ” Some Gestures of a Married Couple

Both used MZUU jewels.spazzing revelation?? it is JKS personal design it is just right to share this first to your wife ^_^


Sukkie retweet the photo tweet of his friend.A flower and a ring.for other its nothing but for us it means  that he relate with the photo ^_^

Sukkie retweeted the photo of his friend.A flower with a ring,for others its nothing but for us we can understand that sukkie really relate with this photo.


Share favorite "Resto and Food" If you remember StEels our princess did mention Our prince upon posting this photo ^_^

A couple would Share favorite food and resto.if you remember steels our princess did mention our prince upon posting this photo of her

JKS tweeted this flower and the name is "hydrageas"- Symbolism as vanity and boastfulness. Represents anything sincerely heartfelt. Most used on a wedding anniversary flower. ^_^

JKS tweet this flower and the name is hydragaes- Symbolism as vanity and boastfulness.Represents anything that sincerely heartfelt.Most used on a wedding anniversary flower.

And finally were done on a marriage stuffs!!! But what it is??????? Sukkie was on a baby clothes shop.???

"If i have a child I will make her a beautiful Asia Princess"- JKS

“If I have a child i will make her a beautiful Asia Princess”- JKS

So Sukkie would like to have a baby girl♥♥♥!!!! Well if you already married folks what’s next right? ^_______^ ofcourse a cute and little baby Asia Princess and Asia Prince.

“So GeunShin Couple is a Married Couple?? or Marry to be Couple??”

(StEels) Star Angels & Eels its up to our Couple  of what is the real score between the two of them. But for us we really dream that they will end up to each other.And we dream of a Happy wedding of World Prince and World princess !!!

"The Royal Wedding"

The Royal wedding

Thank you for reading and Credits to all the photo owners and uploaders

Writer Note: Those info above are just based on the point of view of the writer and a fangirl spirit.


18 thoughts on “GeunShin Couple are Married Couple?or Marry To be?

  1. I love it hope this year I saw theme together again I miss them a lot thanks for sharing god bless to all geunshinclub

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