[Photo] GeunShin Sweet Moments On and Off Camera

Past and present KeunShin Couple photo’s on set and behind the scene photo’s. I just miss the two of them being together!!37115_116243295105394_6645703_n 164725_132847576778299_1644874_n 255384_466734746679318_1690262747_n 292210_428104817201296_118495728162208_1781809_2049465593_n 309291_466734450012681_1968331562_n 388088_466734853345974_798619044_n 427515_466742283345231_909271037_n 255301_466736110012515_1013898538_n 390137_226312370776399_162459747161662_525887_201881938_n 524493_466734593346000_1154918233_n 546586_466734410012685_106158947_n

On and Off camera these two are just comfortable to each other.You can see in their eyes of what really they feel to each other.

[Eyes is the mirror of human’s soul] ^______^

Photo credits: all uploaders and owners


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